ራንድም ቶርናዶ 15000 ሊጣል የሚችል vape 15000 ፑፍ


በአውሮፓ መጋዘኖች ውስጥ ዝቅተኛው የሽያጭ ክፍል ነው። 1 ሳጥን, 1 ሳጥን = 10 ቁርጥራጮች

1. በአውሮፓ መጋዘኖች ውስጥ የጉምሩክ ቀረጥ የለም

2. የአውሮፓ መጋዘን ሎጂስቲክስ ወጪዎች ዝቅተኛ ናቸው

3. የአውሮፓ መጋዘን ከፖላንድ መርከቦች, እና የሎጂስቲክስ ጊዜ አጭር ነው, 3-5 የስራ ቀናት.


    ከጥያቄዎችዎ ወይም ጥያቄዎችዎ ጋር ኢሜል ይላኩልን ወይም የአድራሻ ዝርዝሮቻችንን ይጠቀሙ. ለጥያቄዎችዎ በደስታ እንመልሳለን።!

    Vape ከፍተኛ ዝርዝር


    Are you worried about fewer puffs on e-cigarettes? If yes, then don’t worry,
    This vaping device is the same as the RandM Tornado Vape 9000 but with advanced features and a powerful 850mAh battery.
    Maximum number of moves
    RandM ቶርናዶ 15000 is famous for its 15,000 puff capacity, good reviews, excellent performance, and e-liquid monitoring screen. Now vaping enthusiasts can enjoy the R&M flavored vaping experience. When the e-cigarette battery is exhausted, it can be recharged.
    Recommended indicators
    የ 15,000 puff disposable rechargeable e-cigarette has easy-to-use features that allow you to check battery life and e-liquid levels. RandM ቶርናዶ 15000 e-cigarette features innovative technology for better taste, superior performance and vapor production.
    User-friendly process
    The simple activation process of Germany’s 15,000 puff disposable e-cigarette is very user-friendly. Since there are no extra settings and buttons to manage, this feature is a great option for both new and experienced vapers.
    rechargeable battery
    The RandM Tornado 15k Puffs Vape comes with a powerful 850mAh battery. For a smooth vaping experience, users can charge their vaping devices via a USB Type-C charging cable. Get an extra 15,000 puffs for a satisfying smoking experience.
    Compact design
    The pocket-friendly design of the RandM Tornado 15k e-cigarette allows users to put it in their pockets and bags while working and enjoy a comfortable smoking experience.
    Different RandM flavors
    Here you can find a range of delicious flavors of the RandM Tornado 15000 puff disposable e-cigarette for your enjoyable smoking experience.

    RandM ቶርናዶ 15000 flavors:

    1. Blue Raz Lemonade
    2.Peach ice cream
    3. ጎምዛዛ ፖም
    4. Watermelon ice cream
    5. Ice blueberry
    6. Blueberry-Raspberry
    7. Pineapple Ice Cream
    8. ቼሪ
    9.Strawberry ice cream
    10. Vimtor
    11. Grape ice cream
    12.Cola ice cream
    13. እንጆሪ ሐብሐብ
    14. ሮዝ ሎሚ
    15. Mixed berries
    16. ፒች ማንጎ
    17. Dragon fruit
    18. Strawberry Grapes
    19. Mr. Blue
    20. Rich ice cream
    21. Popsicles
    22. እንጆሪ ኪዊ
    23. የኪዊ ስሜት ፍሬ ጉዋቫ
    24. Triple Berry
    25. Banana ice cream
    26. Peach and Blueberry Candies
    27. Apple pear
    28. የቤሪ ሎሚ
    29. Blueberry Cherry
    30. Blueberry Gum
    31. ብሉቤሪ የቼሪ ክራንቤሪ
    32. ብሉቤሪ ሮማን
    33. Blue Sour Raspberry
    34. Cherry Coke
    35. ጉሚ ድቦች
    36. Lemons and limes
    37. Ice mango
    38. Red Energy Ice Cream
    39. እንጆሪ ሙዝ
    40. እንጆሪ ቀይ ቡል
    41. እንጆሪ ውሃ-ሐብሐብ ሎሚ

    Features of Fumot RandM Tornado 15000
    Battery and oil level indicators
    0/2/3/5% Nicotine Salt.
    25ml e-cigarette oil.
    mesh coil
    ባትሪ መሙላት የሚችል
    አብሮ የተሰራ 850mAh ባትሪ.
    41 የሚገኙ ጣዕም.

    Fumot Randm Tornado 15000 Packing List
    1 x Fumot Randm Tornado 15000 Disposable Evaporator

    ክብደት 0.08 ኪግ

    Watermelon Ice, Blueberry On Ice, የወይን በረዶ, Ice pop, Mixed Berry


    እስካሁን ምንም ግምገማዎች የሉም.

    ለመገምገም የመጀመሪያው ይሁኑ"ራንድም ቶርናዶ 15000 ሊጣል የሚችል vape 15000 ፑፍ”

    የኢሜል አድራሻዎ አይታተምም።.

    የግዢ ጋሪ